Just Us Two

Sherry is what they called in the old days, a storyteller she joins celebrated pianist John Rodby recreating past favorites with brilliant flair.

A Taste of Sherry

"You're about to hear a lady in the tradition of the best weve ever had...Lady Day, Sarah and Ella. Sherry Williams is the incomparable present-day combination of those ladies... Give her your listening space, and the lady will fill it with her magic."

Jack Segal, Author-composer

The Way You Love Me

"Sherry Williams enchants you with her torchy, witching hour vocal stylings on this well-produced 12 song set...I have two favorites to recommend for Quiet Storm shows. The first is Morning Hours...Also exceptional is The Taste of Me"

-A. Scott Galloway, Urban Network Magazine

You Must Believe in Spring

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One Sunday morning, after singing a beautiful ballad in a church service, someone asked Sherry if the song was on any of her CDs. This prompted her to create a CD full of popular songs that have thought provoking, often profound lyrics. Please explore the deeper meaning with us.