Sherry Williams is the incomparable present-day combination of Lady Day, Sarah and Ella Jack Segal, songwriter vitality + charm = Sherry Williams Chuck Niles, KJAZZ 88.1 ...grabs their attention with her mellifluous voice...unequivocally charming the Bob Agnew, LA Jazz Scene Williams caresses the notes like satin against bare skin Gordon Johnson, Press Enterprise The lady beckons you musically to eat out of her hand and you are happy to oblige. Singapore Visitor Sherry's voice is much sweeter than wine. Straits Times ...the vocal power of Streisand, ... the emotions of Nancy Wilson She is liquid fire and magic, this lady ...impressive Leonard Feather, LA Times ...expertise in dramatic ballads. She has enough style and showmanship for both the dramatic and the comedic. Variety ...first rate jazz...easily could have held her own... with Mel Torme. Tom Blair, San Diego Magazine Her performances are never less than outstanding. Sherry Williams is a class act - a major talent just coming into her prime. Jay Padroff, Music Connection Magazine I wish the world knew how great you sound! David Fathead Newman The sound of her voice reminds me of a muted coronet. Mary Stallings” - various

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Williams, with a visual appearance reminiscent of a young Ella Fitzgerald, imbued everything she sang with the soul of jazz. She was particularly impressive on a lyrical "Day by Day" and a laid-back, offbeat reading of "How High the Moon.” - Don Heckman

LA Times

The smooth sounding voice, effortless swing and artful interpretive skills of Williams still don’t receive the full attention they deserve...” - Don Heckman

The International Review of Music

Although the real star of the evening was, of course, McHugh, the singing – by pianist/vocalist John Proulx, Sherry Williams and Deana Martin (backed by the sturdy support of bassist Chuck Berghofer and drummer Joe LaBarbera) – brought entertaining illumination to the songs. And it was full testimony to the timeless appeal of McHugh’s works that they provided unique inspiration to the individual styles of each singer. ...Williams’ honey-rich voice was at its best on a jaunty “Exactly Like You” and a beautifully lyrical reading of the soaring melody McHugh wrote for “Where Are You.”” - Don Heckman

The International Review of Music