February is Black History Month.

Starting February 7, Jazz at The Merc begins one month of tributes to, and celebrations of black artists and writers who came before us.... who created and performed the music that provided the foundation of American Jazz....who suffered the trials of their time and made possible the careers we now have.

Article about Jazz at The Merc 4/15/10 

In the early 1900s it served as Temecula's general store, later dubbed The Mercantile, the place to buy a sack of flour, tin of cling peaches, and a dill pickle from the pickle barrel. Over the years it’s had several incarnations. For most of my life it was an antique store, a place to buy an old cavalry canteen or a lace doily for a pie-crust table. The brick building, built before earthquake codes, wasn’t safe, so the city thought to tear it down. But people rallied for its rescue, and at considerable…

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