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Sherry Williams: Jazz at The Merc

Jazz at The Merc schedule

Each Thursday at 7:30pm I host a different jazz group in the intimate space known as "The Merc". The Mercantile, located at 42051 Main Street, is one of Temecula's original buildings and has been beautifully restored. It's a great listening space with a wonderful piano, and you hear world class straight ahead jazz there every Thursday evening. Tickets are available at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater   box office or online.  Starting in January, ALL TICKETS ARE $20 unless otherwise indicated.

February is Black History Month. February 7th we begin one month of tributes to, and celebrations of black artists and writers who came before us.... who created and performed the music that provided the foundation of American Jazz....who suffered the trials of their time and made possible the careers we now have.


February 7 –

Yve Evans, Jacqueline Bonaparte and Sherry Williams

February 14 -

Talya Ferro with John Rodby “Harlem Haunts My Mind”

February 21  -

Al Williams Quartet featuring Ron Kobayashi, Henry Franklin and Doug Webb

February 23 -

"The Messenger Legacy" featuring Ralph Peterson- Tribute to Art Blakey

February 28 -

Sharon Marie Cline

March 7-

Carey Frank and Kait Dunton

March 21 - 

Chris Dawson Trio

March 28 – 

Mark Miller

April 4 –

Charlie Owens Quartet

April 11 –

Lori Bell, Ron Satterfield and Kevin Koch

April 25 –

Mon David Quartet

May 2 –

Bradley Young Trio

May 9 –

Joshua White Trio

May 16 –

Markus Burger Trio

May 23 –

Benn Clatworthy Quartet

May 30 -

Dewey Ernie and Ron Escheté

June 6-

Jacques Lesure Quartet

June 13 -

Frank Potenza Trio

June 20 -

The Bolivar Brothers (sextet)

June 27 - 

Ben Rosenblum Trio

July 11 -

Curtis Taylor Quartet

July 18 -

Dave Tull Trio


April 29-
Andrea Miller with Ron Kobayashi, Dave Enos and Paul Kreibich
May 3 -
The Bolivar Brothers - special concert
May 10-
Paul Kreibich Trio featuring Ray De Fellitta and Mike Alvidrez
May 17 -
Frank Potenza and Luther Hughes
May 24 -
Curtis Taylor Quartet with Hugo Suarez Dean HulettRichard Sellers
Hugo Suarez, Dean Hulett and Richard Sellers
May 31 -
Kendall Kay Trio with Jeff Colella and Chris Colangelo
June 7-
Keith Droste with David Enos and Steve Pemberton
June 14 -
Joshua White with Leonard Patton, Dean Hulett and Christian Eubanks
June 21 -
Sherry Williams with Josh Nelson 
June 28 - 
Lori Bell with Ron Satterfield and Tommy Aros
Jazz at The Merc celebrates America's unique art form. This venue is a great "listening space" in Temecula that allows the audience to really hear what the musicians are saying, so to speak. I've been moved by the love the listeners give the performers and how the artists respond by taking it up yet another notch. Thank you for taking the time each week to support each other and this venue. It's a fun hang! You get to meet your neighbors and friends, drink the local wine, trade jazz stories, solve the problems of the world.... well, sometimes.

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